Immerse into the chaos of an action-adventure metaverse, where photo-realistic graphics and P2E mechanics collide. Powered by Unreal Engine and Nvidia ACE AI, experience unparalleled gaming excitement.
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Renegade Unleashed

Unleash your fury and navigate dynamic landscapes, engaging in epic battles and conquering obstacles along the way. Brace yourself for an unforgettable gaming experience that will leave you craving more! Experience the thrill with our AAA title, powered by Unreal Engine and elevated with real-time environment-aware conversations via Nvidia ACE AI. Explore a vast metaverse with diverse characters, multiple gaming modes, and innovative mechanics, delivering unmatched excitement.

Renegade Operators

Prepare to enlist in the high-octane warfare of Renegade, choose your soldier from a roster of 10 elite operatives, each with their own specialized abilities and skills ready to unleash in the heat of battle. Embark on pulse-pounding missions, forge alliances, and leave an unforgettable mark on the battlefield. In Renegade, the fate of the war-torn world hangs in the balance—will you answer the call and shape history.



Master the art of navigating through intricate pathways, carefully assessing each twist and turn with precision. Tread through labyrinthine corridors, anticipate obstacles, and devise strategic routes to overcome challenges. Your ability to navigate these intricate pathways will be crucial in achieving your objectives and emerging victorious in your endeavors.

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